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Santa Earrings in Brick Stitch

Santa Earrings in Brick Stitch
by Linda Jo Park

I was asked to teach a class on making little brick stitch Santa earrings. So I created this pattern. I offer it here for your enjoyment.

Size 11 seed beads or Delicas.
Beading needle size 11
Nymo thread in size B or D

Earring wires

Add 10-bead loop fringe to side beads as indicated in diagram.

Add loop fringe to each bottom bead to make beard:

8 beads in 1st loop
12 beads in 2nd loop
16 beads in 3rd loop
20 beads in 4th through 6th loops
16 beads in 7th loop
12 beads in 8th loop
8 beads in 9th loop

Add loop of 3 beads, 1 earring wire, then 3 beads to top of hat.

Copyright 2007 Linda Jo Park. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

How cute and what a great time to start a few early Christmas presents. Look forward to seeing more goodies as your blog continues to grow.

Marilyn in Fayetteville, GA

Ebay ID: Marilynart

Anonymous said...

I'm new at beading but did make these Santa earrings. Wow, how cute they are. They will make nice Xmas presents for my grand children.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this pattern, I made myself a pair of these earrings with Delicas, they are so cute! I just taught my fiance's niece how to do brick stitch using this pattern with seed beads, she made one earring and I made the other, so now we have matching earrings for Xmas!

Al and Yevette said...

Thanks so much for this cute pattern. I made a pair and sent them along with a xmas card to my daughter and she loved wearing them and got so many compliments

beth said...

love your knitting patterns, just forgot how to knit...i do alot of crocheting tho and plastic canvas... saw you are from north too. i am in clark fork....are you anywhere near there???? anyhow happy holidays..... if you are any where near here contact me at you can refresh my