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Just Peachy Ornament Cover

I got a request to teach a class on how to make a beaded Christmas ornament cover with netting stitch. Unfortunately, the boss was unwilling to order in books with an appropriate pattern in them for me to use as a teaching aid. So I came up with this pattern.

Click here to get the PDF:

Every effort has been made to make sure there are no errors in this pattern, but even still there might be some. Please let me know if there are by posting a comment here.

Happy beading!


Anonymous said...

Hi - Just got done making 3 ornaments from this pattern today. Simple and easy pattern to follow that gives you a pretty ornament in a couple hours!

Thank you soooo much :}}

Candys in Oklahoma Bead of My Heart

Unknown said...

Fabulous, that's a great way to recycle ornaments that are not so fresh anymore !

Anonymous said...

Love this pattern! and directions!! Easy to follow and so pretty! Thank tou for posting!