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Captain Picard Would Wear These Socks

I have been a life long fan of Star Trek in all it's forms. I recently finished a pair of socks that I call my Star Trek socks.

 I decided to write up the pattern and share it. They're done in a sport weight yarn of Captain Picard Red, metallic gold, and black using size 3 needles. It's a fairly simple pattern.

 There's no reason why a person couldn't do them in Captain Kirk gold, Spock blue (you get two choices there), or even Deanna Trois lavender. Or perhaps you'd rather have Gorn green. Whatever the color you choose, I hope you enjoy these socks.

Click on the link to download:

I do my best to make these patterns accurate, but even still there might be errors. Please let me know if there are by posting a comment here.

Live long and prosper! \\//


Andrea said...

I have seen these socks in person, and the picture doesn't do them justice -- they're... STELLAR! (Interstellar?)

Home Is Best said...

Love the name & I agree-- Picard WOULD wear socks like these! ;-)

Dana said...

I just found you through Ravelry, and I was thrilled to see these on your blog! Thanks for posting the pattern. Your avatar on Ravelry is what caught my eye, and I had to check out your blog. Thanks!

Heather Leavers said...

I just want to say I really LOVE your comment over there on the right >>>>
"If I catch anyone selling these patterns on Ebay, Etsy, or anywhere else, they are in BIG trouble!"

you go girl!