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The Pillow Car - A Machine Knitting Pattern

This pattern is for machine knitting.

The Pillow Car by Precious Knits

Back in the 90's I was very much into knitting machines. (At one point I actually owned 9 of them. Now I have just 4- my favorites and the ones I would actually use.) I wrote and published a few patterns. This one appeared in the now defunct Machine Knitters Source magazine. Later, under the name Precious Knits, I sold it at machine knitting seminars (also teaching classes) and by mail order. I have decided to offer the few patterns here that I wrote for free to all those machine knitters who are still hanging in there. I'm starting with this one.

The Pillow Car is written for  the 4.5 standard gauge machines like Brother, Studio, Silver-Reed, and Toyota. I know most of these machines are no longer being manufactured, but there are still a lot of people out there who own and use them.

Finished size is about 10 inches long. The little people are 5 inches tall. Yarn used is a 3/15 (fingering) weight acrylic. The toy is completely machine washable if you use washable yarn, and safe for babies.  

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Vivienne Fagan said...

Brilliant, just made this for my little grandson. Thank you so much for sharing.

Emily said...

Thanks ffor a great read