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A Pillow Pickup for Machine Knitting

This pattern is for machine knitting.

Pillow Pickup by Precious Knits

It was only natural that after making a car, I thought to make a truck. (One of these days I plan to make other vehicles too.)

The Pillow Pickup is written for the 4.5 standard gauge machines like Brother, Studio, Silver-Reed, and Toyota. I know most of these machines are no longer being manufactured, but there are still a lot of people out there who own and use them.

Finished size is about 12 inches long. The tailgate actually opens. The little people are 5 inches tall. Yarn used is a 3/15 (fingering) weight acrylic. It is stuffed with polyester fiberfill. The toy is completely machine washable if you use washable yarn, and safe for babies.  
Linky --->  The Pillow Pickup

I do my best to make these patterns accurate, but even still there might be errors. Please let me know if there are by posting a comment here.

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