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Yarn Deli Poncho

This is a pattern I designed for my shop to encourage the purchase of novelty yarns. At the time Ponchos were extremely popular because Martha Stewart wore one the day she got out of prison.

Most of my customers used 5 different novelty yarns and a regular smooth yarn, but the model in the picture used 18 different yarns of various thicknesses and textures. This is a great pattern for using up leftover bits in the stash. Use your imagination and have fun with this pattern.

Knit by Ardell Parkin

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Anonymous said...

Very nice work

Anonymous said...

Beautifulponcho, I would love to get this Pattern: email:

Beadknitter said...

shrylanns: just click on the link below the picture for the pattern.

Rainbows in Wool said...

can't get pattern, what would be the problem with typing out the pattern with the post.?