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Wheat Rib Socks

I have a new sock pattern for you. I designed and knit these socks for my son-in-law. I call it Wheat Rib Socks.

They ended up with contrast heels and toes because I didn't have enough of the main color to do the socks in one color. However, you can knit it solid or contrasting, It's up to you.

 This pattern was a lot of firsts for me. It is the first with a stitch pattern that I created myself.

Looks like wheat stalks.

They are my first toe up socks and feature a short rowed heel.

This is also the first pattern I've had test knitted by someone other than me or my daughter. Some Ravelry members did it for me. The pattern was difficult for me to write and their suggestions were extremely helpful. Thank you to Swong, maggievanderstock, and eledixon (their Ravelry names) for all your help. I appreciate it so much. They have given me permission to post the pictures they took of their test knit socks. All of them, at my request, did solid colors. I have to admit, I like it better than the two color version.

Swong's socks, solid ladies version:

maggievanderstock's socks, solid ladies version:

eledixon's socks, solid mens version:

This pattern is written for knitting in the 2-circular needle method but can easily be converted to other methods.

Click here for the pattern --->       Wheat Rib Socks PDF

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Sharon in CA said...

Very nice socks! Lovely colors, too.

CJ said...

I also like the 2 colors socks. Thank you for sharing

Unknown said...

Hi!! I really like your heel on this sock! I have only done the "other " kind of heel that you make smaller turns... don't remember what to call it. Will this pattern accommodate a wider heel? My foot is size 7 but width is where I run into issues.