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Ribes Jumeaux

Happy New Year! I have a gift. A new sock pattern! I designed these for my son-in-law. They were his 2012 Christmas present. After knitting them I decided to write up the pattern and share it with the world of knitters. It has been fully test knitted. Thank you to lhensley, MooneTouched, and paolo of Ravelry for testing it for me.

This sock pattern is knit from the top down. It features a twisted rib cuff, contrasting slip stitch heel, and stripes in the cuff and toe.

The stitch pattern in the leg is called Twin Ribs, thus the fancy name for these socks. Ribes Jumeaux is Twin Ribs in French. It's written in 2 sizes- mens and womens medium, which is about a size 7-8 shoe.

This pattern is written for knitting in the 2-circular needle method but can easily be converted to other methods.

The file is in PDF format, 5 pages, and only 220K so it should download fast.

If you are wanting to knit this simple but fun pattern, click on the link:

If you should find errors in this pattern, please let me know by posting a comment here.

Happy knitting!



heidi said...

very nice indeed:)

Unknown said...

These are beautiful well made socks.

Anonymous said...

Lovely looking socks. Thank you for the free pattern :)

Megan said...

I love the look of these. I've added them to the directory at



Xenali said...

These are beautiful! I hope to get going on these soon :) thanks so much for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

I am inspired to make them. Suggestions on making a size larger?

Unknown said...

I've knit socks before from a verbal pattern passed down in my family, but always on den's. I'm not fully understanding how to do this on two circular needles? Is it possible to do on dpn's? How would that affect the pattern? I love the look of these and would really like to make a pair as a Christmas gift. Can you please let me know if you get a chance to respond. Thanks, Michelle.

Beadknitter said...

Anonymous asked: "Suggestions on making a size larger?"

It's a six stitch repeat, so increase the size by a factor of six. For instance, the mens size is 78 sts, so add 6 or 12 sts to that for your cast on. You will need to adjust the heel for the increased number.


Beadknitter said...

Michelle Myrick asked: " I'm not fully understanding how to do this on two circular needles? Is it possible to do on dpn's? How would that affect the pattern?"

Yes, it's possible to do these on dpns. It shouldn't affect the pattern at all. I suggest using 5 dpns, putting 1/4th of the sts on each needle. When knitting on 2 circulars, half the stitches are on one needle and half on the other. You should be able to figure out the dpns from that.


littletheorem said...

Hi there!

Just to let you know that I've blogged about your knitting pattern being involved in the AllFreeKnitting Father's Day Knitting Pattern competition (my pattern is in it too). You can see the post at

Really love your pattern by the way, love a textured stitch pattern!
Very best,
Littletheorem Knits

margaret crocker said...

how long do you hsve the foot of the sock

Beadknitter said...

I made it 10 inches, I think. It's been a few years so I'm not certain. You would adjust the length of the foot according to the size of the feet they'll be worn on.

Nlg said...

Is this pattern designed for 39 stitches per sock- 78 split?

78 for one sock makes for a huge cicumference so I"m assuming it's 39 per sock

The circular needle is much too long to knit around 39, and a stretch even with 79

Love the pattern and want to make these but having a lot of difficulty

Beadknitter said...

Hi Nig,
This pattern is written for 2 sizes. Ladies and Mens medium. The ladies size is 66 sts (33 each needle) and the mens size is 78 sts (39 sts each needle). This pattern uses 2 (TWO) circular needles. This method was invented by Cat Bhordi and can be seen in this video:

I hope that helps.

JBird said...

What I've done is take the difference between the two sizes, and add that to the larger size - it seems to be working so far :)

esther said...

I want to make for a mens size 11 shoe. Do you think adding 6 sts is enough?

Beadknitter said...

I would add 12.