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My Precious Friend

This pattern is for machine knitting.

The very first pattern I ever had 'officially' published in a magazine was this one, Precious Friend.

Precious Friend

I wrote it for the Passap E6000 and DM80. A sort of 'in your face' statement to the person who told me I  couldn't make toys on Passap knitting machines. It was published in Machine Knitters Source magazine. I will never forget the day the magazine arrived in the mail with my pattern in it. I was so excited, and proud of myself! It validated my idea that I actually know what I'm doing when it comes to knitting.

I never did get around to translating it to the Japanese made machines. Probably because no one ever asked me to. It was fun while it lasted. I kind of miss those days when I was designing the toys. It was challenging to take something that pretty much had to be knitted flat and turn it into something three dimensional.

In 1999 I bought the needle craft shop in town and didn't have time for designing machine knitting patterns any more. Running a shop is a full time job. I found myself knitting models for the shop, and that was about all I had time for

The doll is about 18 inches tall and made with 3/15 weight acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. She as some soft sculpture on her for toes, fingers, her face, and even a tiny little tush. Her hair is made of yarn that is sewn on and I have detailed instructions for how to do that. It comes with the pattern for the romper she's wearing too.

If you should happen to download and make this doll, I'd love to see pictures when you're done.

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apenneyrose said...

Hello, a new to me quilting guild passed out info on knitting teddy bears for a local children's hospital. I found this just now and thought it might be inspiration for me and my machine. I think that is ok as I did not see anything that you would not be happy with that sort of use.

Josh said...

So glad you Passap knit I just found some old aol emails from 1997, from you ....regarding paint shop pro, form 6 and creation 6 .(LOL)
With this current cold and Snow its time to knit again.


Beadknitter said...

I have no problem with that. You can sell the items made from my patterns too. U.S. copyright doesn't extend to the items knitted. Only to the pattern itself.

Wow! A ghost from my past. Those were fun days. I haven't machine knit in several years. I seriously injured my back. After the surgery to repair some of the damage (some of the injury is permanent) I was told not to use my knitting machines for several months. Now it's okay but just never got back into it. Some day I will.

Josh said...

I even have the DOS computer, (IBM PS1)hahaha with form and c6, on it...sentimental value, just ordered DAK w/interactive cable... But I like the challenge of using the form computer and browsing the model books (LOL)of course with a newer computer.