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Seed Stitch Stripe Mittens for Men

It's that time of year when our thoughts turn to keeping warm. What better way to keep the man in your life's hands warm than with a pair of hand knit mittens. Here's a pattern for just that situation.

These textural striped mittens are knit with 3.5oz/100gms of worsted weight yarn on two size 5 circular needles.

They are sized to fit larger hands, ie. men, and feature a knit in thumb gusset for comfort and good fit.

These ones were made with 100% acrylic (for charity), For extra warmth, I suggest superwash wool.

If you prefer double pointed or magic loop, it should be fairly easy for you to convert to either of those methods.

To download the PDF of this pattern, click on the link:


Anonymous said...

How lovely! And for me, since I have large hands I wouldn't have to adjust the size.
Jan from KnitTalk

Anonymous said...

These gloves look interesting, but I am unable to print the entire pattern. Suggestions ???

Beadknitter said...

Dear Anonymous,
I do not know why you are having problems printing the pattern. You will need to consult someone local who you know about it. Sorry. Beadknitter

Anonymous said...

For the size of needles... is it 5.0mm or US#5 ? Thank you!:)

Beadknitter said...

It's US size 5.

M M P said...

I'm knitting these mittens and am to the shaping of the top on the first one, but the link to the pattern has stopped working. Could you please fix it as I want to finish my mittens.

Beadknitter said...

Hi. I've fixed the link. I had to move all my patterns to a different hosting site. For some reason they stopped working at This should solve your problem.

Linda Jo
aka Beadknitter