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Little Brick Checks Mens Mittens

It's been awhile since I've posted a new pattern. I shall remedy that right now. I've been knitting a lot of mens mittens for charity this year (12 pair so far) and using the Little Garter Checks pattern. However, when I started the last pair, I was kind of bored using the same one all the time, so I came up with a new one. I've written it up and here it is.

The mittens are knitted in the round on 2 circular needles. The feature 2x2 rib cuffs and a thumb gusset.

Here's the Linky to the PDF pattern --->  Little Brick Checks Mens Mittens

I strive to make my patterns error free, but sometimes things can slip by. If you should find one or more in this pattern, please let me know by posting a comment here.


Anonymous said...

I'd love this pattern but I don't like it "free" and then I have to sign up. I tried the one time access and it won't work. Do you get $ or some other compensation for having my email? Just wondering why you want/need my info.

Beadknitter said...

It should work without you signing up for anything. I get no compensation whatsoever, except the satisfaction of sharing my patterns. I do not know why it's not working for you. You're my first complaint. I'm sorry.


Susie Q said...

Thanks - I've somewhat mastered the sock. Now on to mittens. Your pattern looks like a good introduction!
PS I wasn't asked to sign up for anything when I clicked on the link.

Anonymous said...

I also was not asked to sign up,clicked on the link under the picture and viola! Question: I wonder if the lady that had the question about the sign up accidently pressed the button for the reader at the right of the page? Just asking. By the way, your patterns are gorgeous! I have never tried mittens before, but I think I'm going to give these a go! Thanks again.

sheetal said...

thanks for sharing this blog i really like it men socks online