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Cenotes Socks

Yes, a new sock pattern! (I bet y'all thought I'd forgotten this blog.)

The name of these socks was inspired by the color of the yarn I was using, and a fond memory of swimming in cenotes in Mexico. Cenotes are small fresh water lakes made by the collapse of underground caves and then filling up with ground water. There are many of them on the Yucatan peninsula, and the water is as blue as these socks.

It features a 2 by 2 ribbed cuff and a very simple stitch pattern that is easily memorized that I found in a very old sweater pattern. It's slip stitch, but with garter in between, it ends up being very stretchy. Written for a womans medium sized foot (size 8-US shoe), it requires 100 grams (3.5 oz) of fingering weight sock yarn and size 2 needles.

Stitch pattern detail

 This pattern is written for knitting in the 2-circular needle method but can easily be converted to other methods.

Click here for the pattern --->       Cenotes Socks PDF

I test knitted this pattern several times, but even still there might be errors. Please let me know if there are by posting a comment here.

Happy knitting!


LadyDragonfly said...

I'm really interested in this pattern, I saw it on Ravelry, but I don't really want to sign up for another website to get it. Is there anyway to get the pattern other than registering for

Beadknitter said...

You shouldn't have to register for Let me check it out. Maybe I got the link wrong?

Beadknitter said...

Ah ha! I did post the wrong link. I've fixed it. Should be fine now.

Ruth in So. MD said...

Thanks for the pattern. It looks really nice, and something that can be done for men too! (With some more stitches. )

Miriam said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. It looks gorgeous!

fuzzywool said...

Thanks for sharing! That's just what I was needing, a pattern that will do for the boys too. Not too boring, not too busy!

Julie in San Diego said...

The second row of pattern mentions working a yo, but I do not see one in the first row. Am I missing something?

Beadknitter said...

Yes, you're missing something. The part in Rnd 1 where it says "bring yarn between needles to back, slip next stitch as if..." is where the YO is being made.

(Sheesh! Don't scare me like that)

Catlady said...

Um, I wondered about the missing yarn over - the way the pattern is written, it does not specify to bring the yarn to the front *over* the needle - I would have brought it between the stitches.

You might want to clarify that in the pattern.

Anonymous said...

The 1st row is throwing me a little. I love these socks and want to make them but please look at the way row 1 is written. Bringing the yarn to the back, slipping ast, and bringing it to the front is not the same as a YO. Help!

Beadknitter said...

"Bringing the yarn to the back, slipping ast, and bringing it to the front is not the same as a YO."

Yes it IS a YO. The yarn is being wound around the needle. It's a YO with a stitch slipped in the middle of it. Just DO IT! You'll see it will work out fine. If it didn't I could not have made these socks, nor the sweater I'm working on with the very same stitch pattern.

bao zhuanshi said...

Actually, I'm having the same issue with the yarn over. I've worked maybe 10 rows of this, and I can't actually find the yarn over to knit with the slipped stitch. I just wind up knitting the slipped stitch. If it is to be a yarn over, maybe there should be a note about giving it some slack so that it can easily be picked up with the slipped stitch. As it is right now, especially with variegated yarn, it's too small for me to see, or perhaps isn't being created.

Beadknitter said...

Okay, I've added the words 'bring yarn to front over right needle' to the pattern. You can download the update now.

Unknown said...

still does not work for me. maybe its because i do them on 4 needles but when i bring the yarn to front over right needle, the position of the yarn is not right for the nexr purl stitch

Beadknitter said...

Jane Doiron,
That is because it's not supposed to be. By knitting with the yarn in this position, you will be creating a yarn over, which is supposed to happen.